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Running a business is never an easy task. One is bound to face financial hiccups during the process. Whether you are a new generation entrepreneur venturing into a new business or an established businessman planning for a business expansion. Financial institutions offer the business loan to bail you out of the situation of such financial crunch.

Whether its money required for an immediate official expension or it could be the time of recession , when payments don’t come on time but the expenditures can’t wait. The business loans ease your way through a scary road of financial crisis and open the world of new business heights for you.

But running for business loans from pillar to pillar could be the most tiring job. We at Ruapiya Vasool, have tied up with some of the renowned Business Loan providers of India, offering loans at the most competitive interest rates. So, stop moving door to door in search of the cheapest business loans. Just fill our online application form and broadcast your business requirement to these institutions. If you fit into their bill, you will surely get a call from them within 48 hours. Business loans are offered to small and medium enterprises towards working capital, expansion, or modernization of existing business. It could be either secured or unsecured. The idea is that if there is opportunity for growth at acceptable risk levels the banks will finance. Loan amounts offered could vary between Rs.5 lakh to Rs.50 lakh.

Secured loans could be against Property (movable /unmovable), Stocks or co-laterals like fixed deposits etc. Since the loans are secured the rate of interest likely would be lower than unsecured loans. Unsecured loans could be in the form of short, medium or long term loans for temporary/ bridge loans, Working capital or for purchase of machineries or other fixed assets.

The interest factor depends on the perceived risk factor by the banks, past track, growth and profitability trends and the industry profile. 

Rates could vary from 16% to 22 %.


Business Loans (BIL) are used for expanding, modernizing or improving small to medium scale businesses. It can be secured or unsecured. At you can be assured of the best deals in terms of loan amount and interest. Secured business loan are given against collateral like stock land and building, plant and machinery etc. Business loans against collateral are relatively cheap and much more flexible being secrured. Loan amount Rs.25 lakh to Rs.3 cr. Unsecured Business Loan doesn’t require a collateral. It is available at a relatively higher rate of interest being unsecured. Loan amount from Rs.10 lakh to Rs.75 lakh. Business loans are available to small and medium enterprises, Self employed individuals / professionals ,Sole proprietorship firms Partnership firms ,Private limited companies and closely held limited companies. It could be either for a short term ,medium term or long term period. • Short-term loans are usually used for short-term working capital and repaid
within a year or less mainly for seasonal or bridge loan.

• Medium Term loans are often used to build inventory, buy equipment, or increase working capital.
• Long-term loans are used to increase their fixed assets, business development and expansion.


Some Basic Requirements:

• Should have vintage of at least 3 years.

• Should be profit making for the past 2 years

• Co-applicant required as a Guarantor

• Age Limit 25 yrs Minimum to 65 yrs maximum.


What are the prepayment Charges?
Pre payment charge of 4% to 6% is levied on balance principle outstanding.For what Purposes are Business loans given? Business loans are given towards Working Capital,Short Term Cash Need, Business Expansion,New inventory,Buying Machinery/equipment etc.

What are the Eligibility Criterias?
Entity should be Self Employed with Min Age 25 yrs & Max Age 65 yrs.
Should have vintage of at least 3 years. Should be profit making for the past 2 years Co-applicant required as a Guarantor:

Who can avail a Business loan?
Business installment loan can be availed by: Self employed individuals / professionals Sole proprietorship firms Partnership firms Private limited companies and closely held limited companies

What are the benefits of Business loans?
Speedy loan processing – 4 to 7 business days Fast and easy documentation . Hassle-free loans Loans From 5 Lakh to Rs.3 Crore Repay with easy equated monthly installments.

What is the minimum annual turnover eligibility?
Minimum turnover required is Rs.1 Crore P.A.

•What is the interest rate charged on BIL?

Rate of interest vary from 16 % to 22% depending on loan amount, credit assessment and other parameters.

What are the basic documents required for applying?
Photographs Identity, Age & Signature verification proof
Business Bank statements for last 6 months 2 year audited financials including Profit & Loss, Balance sheet and IT returns 3 years Business existence Proof Address proof – Residence and Office.

What is the turnaround time for the disbursal of the loan?
Disbursal of the loan may take a minimum of 7 working days from the time of submission of loan related documents as requested by the Bank

What parameters are looked into before sanctioning a BIL?

• Liquidity

• Solvency

• Profitability

• Asset Owned

• Track record

• Management

• Business model

•Industry and product/service

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